Online Order Menus will now be posted shortly before the dining room opens on each day of service.

We are not taking reservations, nor call-aheads for a waiting list.

Days of service: Wednesday - Saturday, beginning at 5:00. Close times dependent on if guests are continuing to come in. Generally on weeknights, we seat until 9:00, and weekends until 9:30. • We appreciate your patience as all the staff gets comfortable in their roles again and new employees are trained. The dining rooms are not currently staffed as thoroughly as pre-pandemic.  

We are super excited to see you all seated IN CHAIRS again. 


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We say WELCOME to each of you!

And we repeatedly say THANK YOU to our patrons during our adventure of “Flying Mango Pandemic Version”!

Flying Mango is super proud to be able to use the phrase "as seen on Diners, Drive-ins & Dives". We are even more proud to have all the friendships that have developed over time inside these "mythic fire"-painted, HC Porter-adorned walls.

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Our approach to the menu was easy. Basic, down-home style — from a wide range of regions.

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