Flying Mango

Whoa, what’s this? Flying Mango is up to something because the ‘old’ website did not look like this! Yes friends! The minions are frantically working behind the scenes, and this page is here to keep you in suspense.

Who knows though? Perhaps you are new to checking us out because you found out Flying Mango was featured (for the 3rd time) on Food Network DDD. Most recently, the version DDD:Takeout, which aired on Friday, April 16.

We say WELCOME to each of you! And we repeatedly say THANK YOU to our patrons during our adventure of “Flying Mango - Pandemic Version”! 

Insert BeeGees Stayin’ Alive vocals here friends.

Effective Friday, June 18 our “OPEN FOR CARRYOUT” model begins. This is completely contactless in the scheme of order and payment (similar to our previous “pop up” model for the past year). You will use the ORDER ONLINE button you see here. Guests will enter the building to pick up their orders. 

Open hours for Carryout will be Fridays and Saturdays from 4:30 - 7:30 pm. 

Our patio tables are available for you to use if you would like to eat your Carryout there. There is no service at those tables, however. 

Typical order prep time is 15 minutes if you choose the ASAP time. Your order will be accepted up until the end service, currently 7:30. Additional days, hours AND menu choices will continue to build from this current offering. 

The Order Page will be Open and ready for you by noon daily if you choose to order prior to the open hours of 4:30. You always will be ordering for the day of service. 


So, nope, no word yet on when you get to bump elbows in our dining rooms. Allow us to master this next phase for a bit, before we feel certain we AND you are ready for that.

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